EurActiv Awards Winners

AEGEE Ankara was created in 1993 as part of one of the biggest student associations in Europe, AEGEE, to bring together highly motivated volunteer students aged between 18-35 and sharing common European values. Between 2006 and 2008, it launched and carried out the “Understanding and Explaining Europe” project in high schools in seven Turkish provinces covering seven geographic regions of the country.

This awareness-raising project was supported by the European Union Communication Group, the British Embassy, TEMSA and MEP Vural Öger. It included workshops on “Being European and Active Citizenship” and “European Identity” and included in the priority list of projects of AEGEE Europe to be implemented in its branches in 43 countries.

AEGEE Ankara also set up a summer school attended by the students of 40 high schools and sent seven of the best students to Brussels to give them an opportunity to gain a better knowledge of European institutions. In order to ensure the sustainability of the project; AEGEE-Ankara subsequently supported projects embarked on by these students. AEGEE-Ankara has also carried out effective lobbying activities to ensure Turkey’s participation in the Erasmus Program and National Youth Council Initiative and participated in the formation of the Turkish National Agency.

As a non-governmental youth organization with a strong track record over 16 years, AEGGE-Ankara’s drive to include young Turkish people in the debate on the future of Europe sets a very successful example for other organisations in Europe.

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