EurActiv Awards Winners

József Mlinarics (Hungary)

Mr. József Mlinarics is founder of the Hungarian organization Platform for Creative Industries (KIP). Mr. Mlinarics established the Platform under the aegis of the non-profit organisation “Hungarian Association of Content Industry” in 2007 in order to increase the cooperation between the small and medium-sized enterprises requiring creative activities and to endorse the achievement of their goals.
The areas in which KIP is active focus on R&D and innovation:
1. The enhanced digitalisation and the improvement of the network-based training system of the Hungarian fields of education acknowledged on an international level (mathematics, physics, music, conductive pedagogy, etc.);
2. The creation of a copyright environment that supports distribution on a paying basis, with respective to the common interests of users/students and authors;
3. Technologies of digital appreciation and distribution of books;
4. The improvement of a network-based learning environment, in particular with regard
5. The enhanced production of digital materials in the fields of films, interactive television, videogames, education, tourism and contents of libraries and museums;
6. The improvement of the supplying system of digital movies and videogames.
We are convinced that similar initiatives provide the foundation for the economic future of Europe, where R&D will be the key of competitiveness.

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