EurActiv Awards Winners

Nueva Economia Forum

I would like to nominate Nueva Economía Fórum. The activities organised by Nueva Economía Fórum encourage the exchange of ideas and bring together contrasting opinions throughout all areas of social concern.

As an impartial and international debating centre, Nueva Economía Fórum focuses its activities on creating a medium through which the main representatives of institutions, political classes and civil society can share their opinions with an audience eager for responses to the many challenges facing modern day society. The overall objective is to contribute towards improving the human condition and the environment in which it develops. It acts as a meeting point between the principal agents of the political, economic and social panorama and enables ideas and opinions to be publicly expressed and responded to. It offers a space in which to collectively confront the challenges of both the present and the future.

Thanks to an apt selection of themes, speakers and participants, Nueva Economía Fórum provides the necessary environment in which to stimulate participation within a neutral space, encouraging openness, promoting the exchange of ideas and actively helping to generate plural debate and contrasting opinions. Its platforms enjoy the participation of well-known personalities from the political, economic, business and journalism fields. In addition, its forums host contributions by heads of state and government, representatives from European Institutions, social agents, important economic players, opinion makers, civil society figures and the media.

Founded in Madrid in 2000 by the current President, José Luis Rodríguez García, Nueva Economía Fórum quickly positioned itself at the forefront of political, economic and social debate, becoming an indispensable reference for politicians, economists, business people, the diplomatic corps and the media across Spain and beyond. Having organised over 200 events in 2008 and 2009, I have no doubt Nueva Economía Fórum will become increasingly important and influential in key EU circles during the Spanish Presidency of the EU in 2010.

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