EurActiv Awards Winners


Mr. Hegedűs has established the “think tank” Hungarian Europe Society (MET) with the aim of participation in public life as a politically independent organisation and in international debates among experts concerning the future of liberal democracy.

The society currently consists of 150 members who come from different fields of politics, EU affairs, public administration, civil society and economic organisations.

Since its foundation, MET operates a website displaying the activity of the organisation and it’s members. With it’s activity by organizing a wide spectrum of programmes, the NGO would like to link it’s members (and hereby the main actors of the political and civil field) with each other, while it also aims to deepen their expertise through the several conferences and seminars. Furthermore, MET participates in the establishment of partnerships between Hungarian experts of EU affairs, indirectly affecting expert events concerning the European Union.

Compared to its administrative capacities and financial sources, the organisation largely contributes to the transmission of the European Union’s activities in Hungary, moreover, it reaches an exceptionally large group of people through its members.

We are convinced that Mr. Hegedűs and his organisation is indispensable in order to strengthen the relationship of the elite, which assists in the extension of the knowledge concerning the European Union as well.

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