EurActiv Awards Winners

I would like to nominate the demosEUROPA Foundation – Center for European Strategy. DemosEuropa has successfully animated debates on major challenges to be faced by the European Union. It serves as a platform for public debate and exchange of ideas on political, social and economic dimension of European integration and international affairs. DemosEuropa promotes a pro-active and pro-European attitude of Poland as an EU member state, presuming that only being in the heart of Europe can Poland successfully act in the best interest of its citizens and the polish business. The Center has organized many interesting international debates, works out and distributes comments on the major affairs regarding European integration. The chairman of the Center is Pawel Swieboda, former Director of the EU Department in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the years 2001- 2006. I find that the high quality in respect of content of the debates and publications released by the Center cause the awareness of the polish role in the EU to rise.

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