EurActiv Awards Winners

CSONKA, Dániel

Dániel Csonka restructured the Hungarian member organization of the Young European Federalists (JEF-Europe) international NGO. JEF-Hungary is an independent, impartial non-profit juvenile organization that represents and promotes the culture of democratic public life and the civil self-organization, and the principle of cross border cooperation and the rule of law. It also enhances the common European values of environment protection, citizens’ self care, subsidiarity and decentralization.

The social goal of JEF-Hungary is to get people know what it means to be “European” and what they understand that “common European values” mean. Their main target group are young people, from secondary school to ageless adults. For this purpose they organize seminars and lectures on human rights, environment protection and other EU-related questions both with Hungarian and foreign lecturers.

The organization took part with great success on this and last year’s Sziget Festival in Budapest, where they involved the foreign and national public into their youthful, dynamic and interactive program reflecting on the problems of the European community. With regard on the variety of cultures they want to bring closer the students of different nationalities to eachother by organizing exhibitions, excursions, concerts, etc. They also provide participation of foreign international conferences and seminars.

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