EurActiv Celebrates 10 Years With A Debate And Award Ceremony In The European Parliament

Posted by Stuart Langridge on 25/11/09

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José Manuel Barroso félicite EurActiv pour son dixième anniversaire.

Posted by Stuart Langridge on 24/11/09

Hier soir, le président de la Commission Européenne, José Manuel Barroso a félicité EurActiv pour son dixième anniversaire. Monsieur Barroso en a profité pour remettre le prix spéciale du jury de la Fondation EurActiv à Jerzy Buzek, Président du Parlement Européen.

Jerzy Buzek Thanks EurActiv

Posted by Stuart Langridge on 23/11/09

President of the European Parliament, Jerzy Buzek, thanks EurActiv for his award for Debating Europe Nationally. This thank you video was shown at the EurActiv 10th Anniversary Awards ceremony in the European Parliament.

Guy Verhofstadt Speaks To Blogactiv

Posted by Stuart Langridge on 22/11/09

Blogactiv was pleased to be able to speak to Guy Verhofstadt in the European Parliament. Mr Verhofstadt had received an award for communication at the EurActiv 10th Anniversary Awards ceremony.

The European Parliament Debate

Posted by Stuart Langridge on 21/11/09

At the 10th Anniversary Awards ceremony in the European Parliament in Brussels, the VIP guests discussed Debating Europe Nationally.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Arte remercie EurActiv par la voix de Claire Poinsignon.

Posted by Stuart Langridge on 17/11/09

Claire Poinsignon souligne que ce prix est un des premiers reçus par Arte pour sa dimension européenne. Elle rappelle également le rôle important que doivent jouer les artistes dans la communication européenne.

EMI Germany Accepts A EurActiv Award For Communication

Posted by Stuart Langridge on 17/11/09

Bernd Huttemann, Secretary General of Network European Movement Germany, spoke to Blogactiv at the EurActiv 10th Anniversary Awards ceremony in Brussels.

Fondation EurActiv Award winners announced

Posted by on 16/11/09

The winners of seven different prize categories of the Fondation EurActiv Awards for Debating Europe Nationally were announced on 12 November at the very heart of European democracy – the European Parliament.

A Special Award for European Democracy was given to the President of the European Parliament Jerzy Buzek, former Prime Minister of Poland, for his role in Poland’s transition towards a free and democratic country and as a sign of confidence of that he will guide the Members of the Parliament in bringing the EU closer to citizens. Buzek said: “European democracy is more than European elections once every five years. It is about engaging with national politics on daily basis. It is about making EU’s policies even more relevant to Europe’s citizens. I’m glad that my role in Poland’s transition has been recognised.” President Barroso, of the European Commission, also declared about Mr. Buzek: “Le 9 novembre symbolise la réunification de toute l’Allemagne et de toute l’Europe… L’un des symboles de cette re-unification et de notre démocratie, c’est précisément Jerzy Buzek. Pour son parcours personnel – ancien militant de Solidarnosc, ancien premier ministre de Pologne – et pour son élection comme Président du Parlement Européen. Je le félicite de recevoir le ‘prix pour la démocratie européenne’ de la Fondation EurActiv.”

MEP Guy Verhofstadt, former Belgian Prime Minister, won in the category of Politician or Political Organisation. Members of the VIP Jury referred to him as “one of the most able politicians of his generation, a thinker and writer, a motivator and a doer highly focused on Europe and a real inspiration for future European leaders across the continent”.

In the category of NGO Leader or Organisation, the Network European Movement Germany was recognised as a model for the other national chapters of the European Movement. It is fostering a nationwide platform for improving European political communication.

EuroAtlantic Centre Slovakia was the laureate of the Academic Initiatives category. This student organisation was recognised for its support for discussions in Central Europe on European and Atlantic integration over the last ten years. It also contributes to constructive debate between Hungarians and Slovaks.

In the category of Media Professional or Organisation, ARTE, the French-German bilingual broadcaster was distinguished for its contribution to cross-border debate on Europe’s culture, heritage and future. “A public that shares media experiences and is capable of debating issues across languages is an important step in the creation of a truly European public forum,” the Jury said.

The rail pass InterRail was greeted as the winner of the category of Services & Others for, the Jury said, “enabling since 1972 millions of young European citizens to explore 30 European countries in a green and affordable manner with one single train pass”.

The Special Award for Originality was given to Coffee Futures, a Turkish documentary which the Jury cited for “powerfully weaving the fates of individual characters with the story of Turkey’s decades-long effort to join the EU.” With July 31, 2009 marking the 50th year anniversary of Turkey’s original agreement with the EEC, “Coffee Futures renders the emotional texture of a society whose ‘Europeanness’ has long been debated nationally and internationally”, the Jury said.

The final winners were selected from among the 37 national awards winners by a VIP Jury. In total more than 110 nominations were submitted in 11 languages. National winners were announced earlier this Autumn.

Fondation EurActiv Secretary General Julian Oliver said: “Fondation EurActiv is proud to give its Awards to the winning individuals, organisations and other enablers of national debate nominated by citizens across Europe. We hope that the public recognition of the winners will inspire other political leaders, NGOs, academic world, private sector and the media to engage in boosting debate on Europe at national level.”

The Awards were sponsored by Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide, The Coca-Cola Company and EURid, which manages the Internet domain .eu. The event’s media partners were Euronews and The International Herald Tribune. The travel partner was Thon Hotels.

The Awards is an initiative of Fondation EurActiv, which provides with guidance on editorial strategy and coaches non-Brussels-based online media to get a foothold in EU circles.

The objectives of the EurActiv Awards were set out in an earlier press release.

Margot Wallstrom Talks About EU Communication Policy

Posted by Stuart Langridge on 13/11/09

Margot Wallstrom explain the progress made in EU Communication Policy at the EurActiv 10th Anniversary Awards in the European Parliament.

Christophe Leclercq At The EurActiv Awards

Posted by Stuart Langridge on 13/11/09

Founder and Publisher of, Christophe Leclercq explains the aims and role of the company.

The EurActiv 10th Anniversary Awards at the European Parliament was opened by Mr Leclercq. His address follows:

EurActiv Founder Christophe Leclercq,
Introductory speech at

‘Debating Europe Nationally’: Debate & Awards

The whole event tonight is about celebrating EurActiv’s Xth anniversary and Debating Europe Nationally. Rather than just congratulating ourselves, we want to discuss this major challenge for Europe. The point is not to explain why this is important, but to provide practical ideas and examples.

Excellences, Membres du Parlement européen, Commissaires, chers amis, chers partenaires,

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2009 is the 10th Anniversary of The EurActiv Awards for Debating Europe Nationally celebrate others that communicate European issues. Click here to learn more.